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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


At my daycare there is a little boy with severe allergies. (nuts, eggs, milk, dogs, etc). One day during snack I noticed he had Oreo like cookies when I looked closer I saw they were Oreo cookies. I was amazed that his parents sent that for him because I thought they were made with dairy. I decided to investigate this further and when I looked on the ingredients it said soy and not any form of dairy. 

This comes in very handy because Oreos can be used for this group in the classroom. The children can make the moon stages with them, make snowmen, spiders and other fun edible crafts for various occasions. 


  1. Is there a good way that you have found to split the oreos without them breaking unevenly for the half moon parts?

  2. I have not found a way to cut them without the chance of them breaking. The next time I use Oreos for a project I plan on freezing them before hand and seeing if that works better.