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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Wow it has been a very long time since I have been able to post on here. This past summer I worked 2 jobs and had an online class. This fall is my last semester =). Graduation is set for December! With 3 classes this semester I have been very busy with papers every week and tests weekly. Most of my free time has been spent doing school work. 

I recently started tutoring again. I LOVE it! The best feeling when tutoring is when a child is able to sound out and read the word they had been struggling with before you start helping. 

However, it upsets me to see some of these children who are struggling... A LOT of these problems could and should have been addressed the previous year by the teacher. If a child struggles with reading you, as the teacher needs to get them help right away! 

This has really started to upset me. There are hundreds of qualified teachers without jobs and yet there are people who still teach that do it for the wrong reasons. If you teach please make sure to teach for the right reasons. 

Deciding not to be a teacher was a difficult decision for me. I think I will be better doing things other than in the classroom. Well it's about time to make lunch and leave for school. Hopefully I will be able to post sooner this time.