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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Class Size

In today's classrooms the school districts are putting more and more kids into each classroom. With more students in these classrooms it becomes harder for the teachers to give each student that one on one help that the student may need. With this lack of help the students will likely fall behind and become frustrated with school. These students will then be more likely to drop out of school and in turn cause problems in their society.

A huge reason this is beginning to happen is because of budget cuts throughout the country. Some districts will take the cuts in teachers rather than in their prized sporting teams. 

While I do like sports I do not think that they are more important than the teachers who are educating the future of this country. The districts should have many different people from different view points (teachers, parents and the coaches) sit down and discuss how they can rearrange the budget in order to keep the teachers and maybe get more to help alleviate the large number of students going into each classroom.    

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