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Monday, March 11, 2013

Teaching About Germs

 In school I heard a very good way to teach children of all ages about germs. For this lesson you will need lotion and glitter. Mix the lotion with the glitter and have one child put some on their hands. Then have the children continue to play normally. After about ten minutes have the children stop playing. Ask them to look at their hands to see who has glitter on them. Also show them how there is now glitter on several toys. You can explain how germs go around like the glitter did (without anyone knowing). You can then explain that germs can go on every surface.

Another way to do this lesson would be to replace the glitter with glow in the dark glitter. After letting them play for ten to fifteen minutes have the children sit down all together. At this time turn off the lights and watch the “germs” glow. This will allow them to visually see exactly where all the “germs” are.

After seeing the “germs” have the children wash their hands until they are completely clean.

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