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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

School safety?

Franklin Regional was a hard story for me to watch and listen about. Two of my cousins went there. They both graduated and were not there during this horrible incident. However, I did know a couple students who were there and still are shaken up by the entire situation and some even scared to go to school everyday. I am very thankful that these students and security guard hurt in this horrible incident are alright.  I hope these students can get past this incident and move on with their lives. 

It is very sad that children now have to live in a world where they are terrified to go to school. We need to ensure that these schools are safe. If the school has metal detectors use them! If you are a district without detectors like Franklin Regional shame on you! It is the job of the schools and districts to protect their children. 

We know that horrible things happen and we need to stop them! There are other schools in this area who check every pocket in purses and backpacks to make sure there are no drugs or weapons being brought in. These schools should teach safety to some other schools. 

I know where I went to high school the metal detectors were suppose to be for everyone who did not take the bus to school and the few buses that were selected to go through them every morning. That is not smart! I know people who drove to school and walked around the building so they did not have to go through the detectors. Also my bus knew that if we went through Monday that the rest of the week we would be safe unless people acted up on the bus. This never made sense to me even when I was in school. 

We need to talk with our students and make them feel comfortable at school. They need to let an adult know if they are being bullied. There needs to be strict rules about bullying. Schools need to pay attention and address bullying. I know certain schools report 0 acts of bullying and I can tell you that is a LIE! Bullying is everywhere. If there is no bullying in the school then everyone must be best friends... NOT. Teachers keep an eye out! Principles and School board members enforce the No tolerance! 

Also practice safety drills frequently!!! In case something happens at your school make sure the students know what to do!