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Friday, August 2, 2013

Should I find a tutor?

Is your child struggling in school? Has homework become a constant battle?

If you said yes to either or both questions maybe it is time to contact a tutor. As a parent the last thing you want to see is your child struggle especially if you cannot help them. Having a tutor come and help your child may be a great solution. Instead of your time together being spent struggling with homework you could use this time to do fun quality activities with your child.

Tutors have a strong background in the subject area where your child is struggling. These tutors will have new and exciting ways to help children learn. Having a new face can also excite the children about learning.

Finding the right tutor might seem to be a hard task but it is actually very simple. There are many different ways to find tutors in your area. You can:

1. Ask the child's teacher
2. Go on
3. Go on
4. Go on
5. Contact a Huntington Learning center in your area
6. Contact a Kumon center in your area
7. Ask family members
8. Ask friends

I even created a site simply to show that I babysit and tutor also: 


  1. Great advice! Thanks for including us!

    1. Welcome =) and not a problem! You have a great organization!