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Monday, August 12, 2013


Candy can be a big topic when it comes to children. Some will argue that candy makes children over weight and that it should never be eaten. While others believe that you can eat candy on occasion along with a good diet and exercise.

Me? I love candy! I eat candy almost every day. Am I over weight? Nope! 

I do believe that if you sit on the couch all day eating nothing but candy you will become over weight but, most children are not going to do that. A couple pieces of candy here and there will not make them suddenly gain weight like crazy.

I recently had some nerds and as I was eating them I read something very interesting on the box....

It said:

" Want to know where Wonka candy comes from? Read all about it in CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY by Roald Dahl " 

I could not believe it! Candy encouraging a child to read? Not only is it a great book but an amazing author with many books that children love to read. 

As you might have read in the past I believe that reading is key! Children need to be able to read to excel in other subjects! The fact that a candy is encouraging children to read makes me very happy. 

From finding this out it just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover! =) It makes you wonder what other interesting facts will I discover today?

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