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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nightmare Nibbler

I recently came across a new product on twitter called Nightmare Nibbler.

This is a plush toy that was created to ease a child at night who was afraid of the monsters under the bed. These same monsters also appear in their dreams. This Nightmare Nibbler (called Norbert) will nibble the monsters away from the child and their dreams. Allowing them to ease into sleep at night. The Nightmare Nibbler also comes with a Nightmare Nibbler poem. 

This company also has a wonderful program called the Nightmare Nibbler Project which for each Norbert sold another one is put aside to be given to a child who has experienced trauma. Also, for each child in crisis they offer 50% off the Nightmare Nibbler. 

I think this is a wonderful idea to help ease children to sleep at night. This will not only allow the child to get a good night's sleep but the parents as well. I also love that they are helping children in more than one way. I know that I will be purchasing one for my little cousin to help this amazing company. 

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