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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Less than, Greater than and Equal

Today I had a presentation for my Math for elementary students. I decided to do fractions and to play a game with my class to compare them. 

I started off with small popsicle sticks and painted them green, blue and purple. 

After the paint dried over night I took the blue pieces and glued the ends to make a less than sign. 

I then took the purple pieces and made a greater than sign.

The green pieces I then used as the equal sign.

 I put the signs on plain popsicle sticks so that they could hold the signs up with ease. 

 For the game I wrote two fractions on the board and asked my classmates to see if they were greater than, less than or equal. This is also a great activity to use when you are first teaching less than, greater than or equal.

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