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Saturday, April 20, 2013


At the daycare center where I work one of the main pages the children go on when they choose the computer center is I have only seen a couple of the games that they play on there but I decided to go on for myself and take a look. 

This site has educational games for grades K-5. It does not just stop there! Some of these games like Spanish Bingo which can be found in as early as first grade can be used for adults who are learning Spanish! I went in to see what topics are covered. The child will pick at least two of the following:

  • animals
  • clothing
  • colors
  • days of the week
  • food
  • around the house
  • months of the year
  • numbers 1-20
  • people
  • sports 
  • transportation
After they pick they will then decide if they want a 3X3, 4X4 or 5X5 grid. The game allows the word to be shown while it is said and will tell the child if they are correct when they find it on their board. They are also able to say if they want English to Spanish or Spanish to English. This would help ESL students learn English as well. 

As I continued my search on this website I found starting in the 2nd grade section there is a typing race. Here students are a vehicle and they have to type the words that appear during the race. You can select from 17 different levels. The 1st level has the home row keys (asdf jkl;) and level 17 has all of the keys. During the game there are single letters, simple/shorter words and longer words. These can come in all lower case letters all upper case or a mixture of the two. It keeps track of you accuracy and tells you the WPM that you type also. I have been using this game to help improve my typing skills. 

There are also pac man like games. There are holiday, math, alphabet/language, other and just for fun games. This website offers many great games and I highly recommend going here and trying them out. Your kids will surely be happy to learn! Or even as adults you will have fun trying to improve your Spanish or even typing skills. 


  1. Spanish bingo, I would have never thought. That is a great way to get kids to learn without knowing it I bet. Thanks and please visit my blog @ ElementarySpecialEducation.Org

  2. Yes! I actually played it and it would be very good for kids to learn Spanish without them knowing!