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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inclusion.... as adults

This past weekend I was in Greensburg, PA at a bar called Vickie's Crossroads to see a band play. There were people dancing while the band was playing when I noticed something that as an education major made me very happy. A man who has a disorder went onto the dancer floor right up to a lady and asked her to dance. The lady said yes and they began to dance for quite some time.

When they paused dancing together he went up to other groups of people on the dance floor and began to dance with them. These groups included him in their dancing instead of turning away.

During the concert the singer of the band walks around during some of the songs and has people say one or two words into the mic. The singer went up to this man and had him sing into the mic.

It made me very happy to see how all of these people were including this man like he was one of them.  He seemed very happy to me as I watched the band and people dancing. All of them seemed to have so much fun up there dancing.

I wish children would look at those who are a little different and accept them the way these people accepted this man. It would make life for these individuals a little easier and it would bring joy to so many people

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