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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yogurt Ideas

Kids LOVE yogurt! However young children will sometimes end up wearing the yogurt more than eating it. The Go-gurt tubes can be very nice for on the go however these can be very messy if the children squeeze too hard. 

I have found two ways that help the messiness of Go-gurt tubes.

One way is to freeze the tubes of Go-gurt. An adult will have to open the tube but it becomes a nice frozen snack which will not melt too quickly.  

 If your child does not like cold or if you just bought them, another way would be to cut the corner off  and place a straw inside. This way the hole is smaller and the child will have a harder time making a big mess to clean up. 


  1. Cool, never seen such a think like that before! Must be pretty interesting and you're right, because I love Yoghurt, too!

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of Love, Maho

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