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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Art With Toddlers and Infants

I have recently heard some news that disturbs me. People that babysit or have children that are two or under feel that they cannot do art with the child because they are too young.


Just because the child is younger does not mean that they can’t participate in doing arts and crafts. They might say “but they put everything in their mouth what if they choke or eat something?”
They make crayons that are in the shape of circular people and animals. These crayons allow the child to grip a toy and begin to color that way. Since they are big enough for small children to grasp and hold easily they are too big to fit into a mouth therefore the child cannot choke on this.
Also right on the labels of paint, markers, crayons, etc it tells you if it is non toxic. These ones are safe for kids to use even if it gets placed in their mouth. However, if something says non toxic but keep out of children’s reach this is probably something you do not want to use.
Children love to get messy why not let them paint. On top of regular paint they make a foam paint which is a texture like shaving cream. This not only allows the child to paint and get messy but it provides a sensory activity for the child. In a book for NAEYC accreditation it shows an infant in a diaper with paint on a piece of paper. The infant would crawl or scoot around and create art.
If you ever want to do art with younger children it is very possible. It may be very messy but the children will love it. These children can color, glue shapes onto paper, paint, and shape things out of clay, just to name a few.

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