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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year!

Happy New Year to you! As 2014 unfolds what are your resolutions for the up coming year?
This is something that I feel should be shared with students. Tell them some of your resolutions (school appropriate of course). After discussing yours have the students write some down for themselves.  Save these and during the last week of school pass them back out and see who is following their resolutions still.
With this new year try to come up with a pact with your students to stop bullying.  A new year can be a great time to talk about bullying.  Talk about what they should do if they see bullying. Explain how the victims feel when they are bullied.  Tell them the consequences of bullying.
Overall with this new year encourage your students to be better people!
I hope you had a safe and happy New Year!  I look forward to writing many new posts this year.

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