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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shop Till You Drop!!

What do most girls love to do?? You guessed it SHOP! 

I don't know about you but I LOVE shopping! However I am a HUGE bargain shopper... especially when it comes to crafting supplies. 

When you are doing crafts with children or just for fun it can become costly quickly! 

The most helpful tip I can think of is shop wisely and plan ahead of time! Use coupons and shop during sales or clearances! (hopefully you can use them during these sales!!)

Last Saturday I decided to go to some estate sales with my Grandma (who I call Hammy). At one place I saw close to 20 shoe boxes on shelves. I could kind of see into these boxes and saw a couple of crafting items. So what did I do? 

I went through all 20 boxes! Yes I probably looked a bit mad while sorting through all of this but I did not want to miss one single good item!

Out of the 20 boxes I only got 8 (7 pictured below) and a box of craft sticks (around 1,000 craft sticks) for .....


I am so excited to start making projects with all of these awesome items! The lady that had these also had a couple started projects inside which I can not wait to learn about and try to finish. 

Just from this amazing buy I have project supplies and ideas that I could use for an entire unit about letters! I would say I got a pretty good deal! 

When on a budget for crafting supplies and other educational or organizational products look into yard and estate sales! Chances are you will find amazing brand new products that will bring you and your classroom or even just you and your children/grandchildren lots of fun and new projects!

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